The SifriHub is a shared work space for
entrepreneurs, self-employed professionals,
business owners and dreamers from eastern Lachish region. 
The SifriHub is located in the library of Eliav,
offering free WiFi, coffee, printing,
an open-plan work space and most importantly,
the right working atmosphere that 
allows you to work alone but together!

Join us

The SifriHub offers a shared,
open-plan work space
for a monthly fee of NIS 250.
The SifriHub is also open for lectures, conferences
and “a day outside of the office” for your team.
For registration, reservations, donations or any questions,
please contact us at , or:
+972-507-393376 . 

Our Story

Hello! My name is Ilana Kwartin and I live in Eliav, a small rural community in Israel’s
Negev periphery. Soon after moving to this remote area with my family, I opened a
law firm which operated from my house – a small, temporary trailer! The same space
was used as a kitchen, living room, play area and office. When my children came
home from school at 2 in the afternoon,
I had to stop working, making the
combination between family life and work life more and more difficult.
I did not want to commute to distant work places in Tel-Aviv or Jerusalem, unable to
pick my children up from school. When I asked my neighbors in Eliav and the
surroundings whether they had the same problem, I discovered that the eastern
Lachish region is rich with entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals struggling
with the need to work on the one hand, and the hope to stay close to their homes,
families and communities on the other. In addition, I learned that moving to the
south, far from central Israel, resulted in a career change for most of the local
residents and their families.
This was the beginning of the solution: a center for entrepreneurship and an open
work space, allowing local residents to work, write, study and more, sharing the
same space and the outstanding atmosphere it inspires.

How Does It Work?

The Hub is a large open space with tables, chairs, and convenient electricity.
Users bring a laptop, books or whatever they need for the day
and share the space for work or study.
The printer and coffee are included perks and other monthly expenses are shared.
From time to time lectures are held on various topics related to
business and entrepreneurship.
On a regular basis, the users meet each other, interact, network
and solve problems together.
Coffee breaks, lunches, as well as birthday celebrations and holiday toasts break the
loneliness and seclusion that often plague the self-employed.
As professionals, Hub users provide services to local residents, while local residents
find their needs close to home. This arrangement strengthens the local economy.

The Beginning

The tremendous contribution of The Jewish Community Foundation of Greater
MetroWest NJ, the collaboration with the community in Eliav and the mentorship of
Eretz-Ir, has brought the dream to life
and the SifriHub started operating
Dec 1 st , 2017.
It is located in the library of Eliav and operates Sun-Thurs, 8:00-16:00.
Alongside the daily users of the Hub, utilizing their work spaces on a daily basis, the Hub is an Innovation Center fostering a large community of more then 100 small
businesses in the area of eastern Lachish. This community is a growing network,
changing the discourse of small business and entrepreneurship in the southern
periphery of Israel.

Our Partners

The Jewish Community Foundation of Greater MetroWest NJ
Lachish Regional Council
The Settlement Department,
The Jewish Agency
Partnership Together - Chicago, Kiryat-Gat, Lachish, Shafir
The steering committee of SifriHub
Eran Shafir, Amir Ellenberg, Hila Efrati, Yael Ellenberg, Avigail Ben Ariye, Amitai


“I am happy to share with you that the SifriHub
has changed my working habits completely!
I am more productive; I do things earlier, faster and better.
Because I am 
self-employed, it was hard for me to find make time for work with no interruptions 
and the SifriHub has helped a lot in that aspect!
The printer and copy machine save 
me time and energy and the need to go to a printing shop.
And in general, I am 
happy to come here!”

“As a local resident, the SifriHub provides my needs as an early stage entrepreneur
who doesn’t like working from home. The SifriHub is quite and convenient,
atmosphere is good and most importantly, the people are interesting.
The SifriHub is 
a good solution for local residents who need office services
and are looking for a 
quite place for work.
I strongly recommend”